The Importance Of Addressing Your Clients’ Marketing Pain Points

In today’s post-pandemic world, small to medium and enterprise-level businesses face more market competition than ever and they can’t be making mistakes or tripping on pain points.

As a network marketer with over 20 years of experience under my belt, I frequently see this problem and always recommend going back to basics.

Addressing Your CustomersPain Points

Streamlining a business begins with identifying the pain points of the business. This might be staffing their business in a post pandemic world, complying with new health and safety regulations or addressing concerns over the digitisation of their businesses.

What Causes Pain Points?

While every potential customer’s pain point will be different, they typically share common root causes. These can include:

· Time Pressures

· Social Pressures

· Work Pressures

· Financial Pressures

Once you find out your potential customers’ pain points, you can address them through marketing campaigns.

Time Pressures

Time is money in all industries so if you know of ways to improve efficiency and streamline processes, your client will be incredibly grateful. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to bring these issues to light

Social Pressures

No business can run without a loyal community who feel understood. How can you ensure a community for success with your client?


Every business wants to be more efficient. How can you improve processes? Consider automation, delegation and outsourcing to improve your client’s productivity.


Financial pain points are one of the biggest concerns your customers have and can affect the sustainability of their business. An example would be your potential customer spending too much on a particular service provide. This could be internet, outsourced IT, or anything that is costing them more money than they care to spend. You can address this by offering your services for less and sweeten the deal by adding more features to your service package.

Process Pain Points

Internal processes such as nurturing or assigning leads to sales reps can take up valuable resources and cost a business time and money. If your business offers internal process software designed to streamline their operations, it would be a good idea to showcase the benefits and features of that software and show potential customers how you can help relieve this pain point.

How Do You Find Out Your Customers Pain Points?

And now for the million dollar question: How do you find out your customers pain points? Make time for a frank conversation in person or implement survey tools to collect the data online. With that knowledge, you can begin creating effective solutions that will help alleviate their pain points and grow your business at the same time.

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Originally published at on August 11, 2021.



Cliff Walker, entrepreneur and network marketer. Helping people transition from the corporate grind to entrepreneurial freedom.

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Cliff Walker

Cliff Walker

Cliff Walker, entrepreneur and network marketer. Helping people transition from the corporate grind to entrepreneurial freedom.